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Geotech 2D

2d finite element limit analysis software Image

Slope stability, excavations, embankments and tunneling just to name a few applications. OPTUM G2 is a powerful and user friendly 2D Finite Element Analysis software package.

Geotech 3D

3d finite element limit analysis software Image

Shallow foundations, monopiles and much more. OPTUM G3 is a ground breaking Finite Element Analysis software package with all the Optum functionality in 3D.

Concrete 2D & 3D

concrete element design software OptumCS

OPTUM CS, short for OPTUM Concrete Solution, sets the new standard for design of reinforced concrete structures. Experience massive material savings on reinforcement and concrete with minimum effort.

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Optum Computational Engineering

Optum Computational Engineering

Optum CE is a Danish software company, delivering the next generation FEA software for analysis and design of geotechcnial and reinforced concrete structures. Our goal is to make  advanced FE tools accessible for engineering practitioners.

OptumCE is a Danish company, delivering the next generation FE software for analysis and design of geotechcnial and reinforced concrete structures, according to Euorcode and Amercian standards. Our goal is to provide advanced FE tools for engineering practitioners.

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Practitioner’s approach

Get access to the most advanced FE capabilities on the market – tailored and made accessible for engineering practitioners. It’s simply advanced.

Save time – earn more

Minimize engineering and cpu-hours. Maximize efficiency and profit. Never before seen robustness of FE core, efficiently solves any problem.

Verify results – move faster

Fast, easy and unique verification of results. “How close are we to the exact solution?” Find out with a click on the button – and move on – faster than ever.


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