Delivering the Next Generation FE Tools

Finite Element software for engineering practitioners

OptumCE develops fast, user-friendly software for design of Geotech and Concrete structures. The software is developed with focus on providing advanced FE analysis packages, but at the same time making the tools accessible for engineering practitioners including structural engineers, contractors and building companies.

OptumCE – Simply advanced

Advanced analysis options made accessible for engineering practitioners. OptumCE in a nutshell: Simply Advanced

The team - and history

The Optum project was initiated in the summer of 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark – the location of the current head office. The brothers Kristian and Jørgen Krabbenhøft together with third man Andrei Lyamin, decided to initiate the development of a Finite Element Software package based on an entirely new approach. The vision was clear: Provide Advanced FE analysis tools made accessible for engineering practitioners without an in-depth FE knowledge. This vision would essentially require a complete retake on the traditional FE approach. By combining their knowledge from industry and academia, the group managed to bring their vision to life and release the first commercial package in 2014. Since then OptumCE has established users in more than 50 countries, and more than 400 Universities use the software today in their teaching and research activities

The mission

To provide engineering practitioners with advanced user-friendly software tools – increasing efficiency while at the same delivering safer and more economical structures.

The vision

Imaginate, Create, Simulate, Evaluate

Our users

We have users all over the world and in some of most well known Universities. We always do all we can to make sure our users are happy and getting the most out of the software.