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VersionRelease notes
Visualisation error in connection with connector and water pressure fixed
R2019_2019.12.19Issues with Windows 7 and error tracing information fixed
R2019_2019.12.11Issues with loading the application in Windows 7 fixed
R2019_2019.11.251. Imperial units added
2. German and Spanish language support
3. Change direction of structural elements
4. Improved report generator
5. Improved property grid with clear display of active material parameters in given stage
v2.2019.02.12Updated installer only.
v2.2018.07.281. Improved large problem support.
2. Minor fixes and updates.
v2.2018.06.081. Minor bug fixes and updates
v2.2018.05.041. Support for VIP licenses.
v2.2018.04.301. Various bug fixes and updates
v2.2018.02.271. Command line bug fixed.
v2.2018.02.091. Time Scope moved to Advanced Settings for Limit Analysis and Strength Reduction
2. Multiplier (Load/Gravity) for Limit Analysis moved to Advanced Settings
v2.2018.01.141. Shear joints fix
2. Fixed End Anchor spacing fix
3. Supports and shear joints made mutually exclusive
v2.2017.12.101. Issue with consolidation fixed
v2.2017.08.281. Minor bug fixes to AUS model
v2.2017.08.031. Minor bug fixes to AUS model
v2.2017.05.201. Issue with positive excess pore pressures (corresponding to suction) fixed.
v2.2017.03.301. Manual activation included
v2.2017.02.071. Minor bug fixed to Connectors
v2.2017.01.221. Adjustment of Mesh Scaling strategy
2. Update of AUS model
v2.2017.01.161. Minor bug fixes
v2.2017.01.051. Update of Mesh Scaling functionality (issues with very small dimensions resolved)
2. Adjustment to Mesh settings (Coarseness/Refinement factors)
3. Enhancement of Chinese language support
4. Minor bug fixes
v2.2016.11.211. Update of Materials manual (GSK model)
v2.2016.11.111. Minor bug fix to Chinese version
v2.2016.11.101. Bug related to loading of data after analysis fixed.
2. Bug related to meshing fixed.
v2.2016.11.021. Enhancement of GSK model (NGI Sand).
2. Minor bug fixes.
v2.2016.09.291. Enhancement of visuals (left/right sides)
2. Enhancement of Dilation Cap (total/plastic strains)
3. Update of Chinese characters
4. New sheet piles library from 2016 ArcelorMittal catalogue.
5. Tension cut-off applied for Short Term Mohr-Coulomb with phi = 0
6. Minor bug fixes
v2.2016.09.011. Minor bug fixes
v2.2016.08.191. Chinese language support.
2. New example: 68 Braced Excavation
3. New example: 69 Stability of Earth Dam Subjected to Seepage
v2.2016.08.071. Chinese language support.
2. New example: 68 Braced Excavation
3. New example: 69 Stability of Earth Dam Subjected to Seepage
v2.2016.07.041. Bug related to report generation fixed.
v2.2016.06.301. Bug related to the displacement BCs in Consolidation analysis fixed.
v2.2016.06.261. Indonesian language support added.
v2.2016.06.011. Indonesian language support added.
v2.2016.05.271. Indonesian language support added.
v2.2016.05.161. Bug related Fixed End Anchors in multi-stage analysis fixed.
v2.2016.05.121. Bug related to spacing of Connectors and Fixed End Anchors fixed.
v2.2016.05.111. Lateral Strength added to Nail Rows.
2. Portuguese (BR) version fixed
3. Minor bug fixes.
v2.2016.04.221. Minor bug fixes
v2.2016.04.181. Minor bug fixes
v2.2016.04.041. Material parameter distribution for Structs added.
2. Analysis/main window behavior improved.
3. Minor bug fixes.
v2.2016.03.301. Various performance boosts.
2. Issue related to Analysis and Main window interaction resolved.
3. Background image functionality improved.
4. New result sets for Pile Rows.
5. New example on Pile Rows.
6. Minor bug fixes
v2.2015.12.191. Minor bug fixes
v2.2015.11.291. Critical Saturation concept abandoned. Excess pore pressures will be generated for
Drained/Undrained materials in analyses with Time Scope = Short Term regardless of the degree of
saturation (see table below).

2. Minor bug fixes
v2.2015.11.23Major revision with numerous new features including:
1. Axisymmetry
2. Random fields
3. Command line version
4. Batch run functionality
5. New models (Bolton, AUS, Graham-Houlsby, Nonlinear elasticity)
6. Update of Modified Cam clay to include creep
7. Displacement boundary conditions (Plate BCs)
8. Extended Initial Stress capability
9. Extended Profile and Map input
10. Excess pore pressure BCs
11. Automatic calculation of sectional forces from solids
v1.2014.9.241. Minor bug fixes.
v1.2014.9.181. Consolidation analysis has been completed. See Examples 46-49.
2. The Tresca model has been modified. It now requires undrained parameters (Eu and cu) only and
the results are independent of the Time Scope (Short Term/Long Term).
3. Support Relaxation has been implemented and used for tunnelling simulation (Example 46).
4. Parameter Maps have been completed (see Example 5).
5. It is now possible to define an arbitrary seepage pressure distribution for use in subsequent
mechanical analysis (see Example 45).
6. Update of manuals including verification examples for Elastic analysis are included (see Examples 3
and 4).
7. Minor bug fixes.
v1.2014.8.311. Minor bug fixes
v1.2014.8.181. Bug fixes in stage manager – analysis status
v1.2014.8.151. Minor bug fixes
v1.2014.7.21. Undrained analysis (Short Term with Drained/Undrained materials) has changed. The dilation used
is now the one specified by the user. Previously, the dilation was set to zero under undrained
2. Cavitation cut-off has been implemented.
3. Shear strain as a basis for dilation cap has been implemented. Volumetric strain remains as an
4. Various minor bugs have been fixed.
5. Various performance enhancements have been implemented.
v1.2014.5.151. Minor bug fixes
v1.2014.5.121. Manuals updated
v1.2014.4.30First release
v1.2014.4.07Beta release

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VersionRelease notes
R2019_2020.02.12_2.0.0Fix loading application in other languages
Fix incorrect Support saving in other languages
R2019_2019.10.10_2.0.0Corrections in Chinese translation.
R2019_2019.09.10_2.0.0New analysis types added: Elasto-Plasticity, Initial Stress and Elastic analysis
New language support for Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian
Improved result plot options. Combined plotting of solids and shells
Improved canvas. New grid, infinite XYZ axes and Isometric view
Customize tab added to property grid. Change color settings and more
New welcome menu
Various different bug fixes
R2018_2019.02.12_1.3.0Updated installer only.
R2018_2018.07.30_1.3.0Added support for license dongles.
Improved large problem support.
R2018_2018.04.30_1.2.0Updated mesher.
Minor improvements and bug fixes.
R2018_2018.03.19_1.1.0Minor improvements and bug fixes.
R2018_2018.02.01_1.0.6Various bug fixes.
R2018_2018.01.19_1.0.4Initial release.

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VersionRelease notes
R2020_Setup_2020.02.21_1.1.0Update license service
R2020_Setup_2019.12.19_1.1.0First release


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