Webinar: Slope stability in OPTUM G2

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OPTUM G2 is a user-friendly and powerful 2D geotechnical software unlike anything you have worked with before.
In OPTUM G2, factors of safety are computed using Strength Reduction Finite Element Limit Analysis (SR-FELA). Besides short calculation times, SR-FELA also provides the possibility to calculate rigorous upper and lower bounds on the true factor of safety. In practice, this means that the true factor of safety can be determined within a negligible tolerance in a matter of seconds.


• Introduction to slope stability via Strength Reduction analysis
• Limit Analysis versus Limit Equilibrium
• Effects of seepage and partial saturation
• Slope stabilization techniques
• Advanced soil models

kristian krabbenhoft

Professor Kristian Krabbenhoft
Co-founder of Optum CE
Liverpool University