Webinar: Retaining walls in OPTUM G2

Sandra MyrtueWebinars

Retaining walls come in a wide variety of types including mass gravity walls, mechanically stabilized earth walls, gabion walls and sheet pile walls. All of these can be analysed efficiently and accurately using OPTUM G2. The unique ability to compute rigorous upper and lower bounds on the true Factor of Safety (FoS), combined with automatic mesh adaptivity, makes OPTUM G2 a superior tool for design of retaining walls.

– Stability of gravity walls
– Stability of embedded retaining walls
– Anchors, props and other horizontal support systems
– Deformation analysis via staged construction
– Water pressures and seepage
– Design to Eurocode 7

kristian krabbenhoft

Professor Kristian Krabbenhoft
Co-founder of Optum CE
Liverpool University