Our software is user-friendly, robust and all solutions are based on Finite Element technology combined with the most modern and truely state of the art numerical analyses techniques.

optumg2 finite element analysis software
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OptumG2 is our comprehensive and user-friendly 2D finite element limit analysis (FELA) software. Its modern graphical user interface ensures an intuitive and efficient workflow. The computational core builds on state-of-the-art numerical algorithms that lead to an unprecedented efficiency and robustness – independent of the complexity of the model.

optumg3 3D finite element analysis software
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OptumG3 is the first ever commercial 3D geotechnical Finite Element Limit Analysis program.  The program comes as a full packages including solid modelling, automatic adaptive re-meshing and unseen speed and robustness. For the first time ever geotechnical engineers can fast and safely calculate bearing capacities for 3D structures.

As a unique feature all Optum products include Finite Element Limit Analysis (FELA) functionality enabling our users to compute bearing capacities in a single step! Wrapped together by a modern and intuitive interface Optum products lets you design your structures fast, easy and safely.