Privacy Statement

Personal information
Optum Computational Engineering collects personal informations for a number of reasons. We use the information when you need a product or a service that you have requested, enablement in online activities or contacting you on different matters. We always explain why we need to collect this information thus we only require the information needed to carry out your request. We are always careful with the information and it is safely stored on our servers. We do not store any of your credit card informations for security measures – this is only handled by the payment issuer Nets/Teller.

OptumCE will only use the information for the purpose it was collected. We will not use your personal information for a different purpose without first asking your permission. We may use some of your general information for demographical or purchase pattern purposes but only for internal use. The purpose of collecting the information is important for us and we only keep in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

You may access your My Optum account and update your personal information as many times as you want – though your email address is fixed. OptumCE suggests, that you update it sooner rather than later for communication purposes. If you experience any issues, please contact OptumCE on

How to contact us
You can contact OptumCE on by visiting the contact tab. Please include your contact information, purpose of contact and your account number. It is internal policy that we always answer within a short time with a response.