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  • Webinar: Introduction to Webinar

    Duration: 30min
    Date: 24/03/2014 Time: 9:00am – 10:00am CET
    Entitled “Introduction to OptumG2”, participants will see how OptumG2 overcomes many of the inherent issues associated with hand calculations, ‘single application’ software programs and finite element packages.

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  • OptumG2 used for limit analysis of the forearc in the Maule earthquake area

    Scientist ran numerical simulations with the limit analysis approach to validate the applicability of the critical taper theory derived for a triangular wedge, in the case of a curved megathrust. These simulations were run with the Optum-G2 software which turned out to be more convenient than  their own tools due to its user friendly interface.

  • Academic growth in OptumG2

    Here at OptumCE, it’s always pleasing to hear that our academic awareness has increased. We always focus on the academic community to notice OptumCE software to receive awareness and to get students ready for reality; That’s why we hand it out for free.

  • Webinar - Material properties, Analysis and results selection

    Duration: 30min
    Date: 25/04/2014 10am CET
    This webinar will teach you how to select the correct material properties, stages manager for analysis and what results you need to focus on. We will hold a Q&A session afterwards.

  • OptumG2 Release on 10th of March 2014

    The OptumG2 release is closing and we still have some small touches before everyone can try the new OptumG2 software. OptumG2 is a 2-dimensionel software edition based on finite element technology specifically for geomechanics applications.
    We hope that you will enjoy the OptumG2 experience when it is released in late March.

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  • Webinar - Modelling with OptumG2

    Duration: 30min
    Date: 7/05/2014
    Discover the modelling capabilities in OptumG2. The rapid handling of modelling features is one of the known positives in G2 and we want you to experience this.